Initial Rewards - Changing Loyalty


Our Work

An Instant Win Prize Site is AN INSTANT WIN

  • Initial Rewards builds Gamification into our Prize Site

    Want an engaging promotion quickly? Add the Winning Ticket to your site. Players log in with voucher codes to see if they’ve instantly won. You choose the prizes and number of winners.

Get the customers AND KEEP THEM

  • Require contact information upfront

    Using a site like Winning Ticket allows you to capture key marketing information upfront. In this example, we require a valid email address before login. The information is stored in a database for use post-promotion.

The range of prizes IS UP TO YOU

  • And you only pay for the ones that get redeemed

    Using an Initial Reward Prize site is a great player experience, but also a smart marketing decision. When you use IR, you choose the prizes you want from our extensive catalogue and you don’t have to prepay for any item we have in stock – we only charge for those gifts that are redeemed.