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A spin for a win

  • IR Prize Sites are a winner for Wink Bingo

    Wink Bingo recently ran an acquisition promotion where all new signups got to spin a wheel and win a prize. Each winner received a code to enter on the IR prize site. The code revealed a choice of prizes that a winner could choose from.

Adding an element of fun DRIVES ENGAGEMENT

  • Engagement drives ROI

    Spinning a wheel is just plain fun and a great way to engage your customers. Why not add a bit of fun to your prize site? We do it every day and it works.

Go for a Spin Online or ON YOUR MOBILE

  • Wink Bingo‚Äôs Prize Site is Mobile Responsive

    All Initial Rewards’ Prize Sites are mobile responsive making it easier to reach all customers, wherever they are. Wink Bingo’s prize site was built to be used on any mobile device so more players can engage