Initial Rewards - Changing Loyalty


Our Work


  • Gala rewards new players through an IR Prize Site

    Gala Bingo sponsored a popular UK television show in order to drive new signups online. When players signed up to Gala, they received a promo code for a free mug. Gala Bingo used an Initial Rewards Prize Site to deliver all the mugs.

Initial Rewards DELIVERS

  • Using a Prize Site eliminates the fulfilment hassle

    Because they used a prize site, Gala Bingo did not have to worry about shipping the mugs to their new players – Initial Rewards took care of the end-to-end fulfilment. Using a prize site for a large-scale promotion eliminates unnecessary work and freed up our client to focus on converting their new players.

The process is so SIMPLE

  • Simple process, easy conversion

    The Initial Rewards Prize Site is so easy to understand and manage. We provide you with voucher codes. Customers use the codes to login, choose their gift and provide their delivery details. We take care of the rest. It couldn’t be simpler. And because it’s online, the conversion is measureable.