Initial Rewards - Changing Loyalty


The problem was a main topic of conversation in the industry: How do you reward recreational players for playing poker? Our answer was an idea that we had been

working on for quite some time: It’s the chance to win something much bigger that’s reward enough for most players. Secret Agent was the second game we launched

on MPN to increase liquidity across the network. We gave away watches and iPads through a spy-themed scratch card. Poker Players earned a card by playing Sit-n-go

tournaments. The more they played, the more cards they earned with more chances to win. The game displayed the number of hands players needed in order to earn

a card, the number of cards earned and the amount of freeroll chips won. By displaying this progression, we saw increased poker play across the player base, increased

number of players increased liquidity. Initial Rewards proved that offering recreational poker players a chance to win something much bigger than what they would

otherwise win at Poker is a perfect real-time reward.