Initial Rewards - Changing Loyalty


Our Work


  • Giving the full treatment

    We operate in all areas of the market. Working in partnership with you, we develop and maintain a powerful brand presence, creating well-targeted products.

  • Part of your team

    Our dedicated account managers love what they do and pride on their “Part of your team attitude”. You’re not just a customer; we take your brand seriously and are always looking for new and exciting ideas to enhance your brand awareness.

  • Keeping your cards close to your chest

    We know how important it is in the industry to keep your brand exclusive and by always focusing on unique ideas for each individual company we will never just add your logo onto a product. The process is always well thought-out to your needs.

We have a full house...

We provide our clients with a full merchandise service solution, ensuring that your merchandise is on hand when you need it most. We offer a range of warehousing locations worldwide, provide inventory management, fulfilment and any delivery requirements you need.


  • This time it’s personal!

    Making your merchandise personal to your client gives it that something magical, leaving your customer the feeling of how important they really are.

  • Luxury, something to get used to!

    The luxury products that we manufacture, represent the investment in time and care that we take in selecting every element to the final product. This applies not only to the time spent making an object but also to the process of perfecting skills we have acquired over time.

  • It’s not just special it’s a…Limited Edition

    Creating that sought-out item can sometimes be tricky. But by ensuring the balance between mass give-away and very unique gifting, we seem to get it just right every time!